The Black Diamond Lodge

Family and Friends in the Colorado Rockies

  48 guests
  20000 sq. ft.

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Sleeping Arrangement

Snowden Peak
1 Queen
Eolis Peak
1 Queen
Engineer Mountain
1 Queen
Rolling Mountain
1 Queen
Twilight Peak
1 Queen
Red Mountain
1 Queen
Hermosa Cliffs
1 King
Greysill Peak
1 King
Whetterhorn Peak
2 Queens
Sharkstooth Peak
2 Queens
Whitehead Peak
2 Queens
Grizzly Peak
3 Queens
Grand Turk
3 Queens


The Black Diamond Lodge is located halfway between hip Durango and historic Silverton and just a mile south of the lifts at Purgatory Resort on the San Juan Scenic Skyway. 

It is tucked under the 1500 foot Hermosa Cliffs, across the street from the Twilight Peaks and is surrounded by the Wimenuche Wilderness and the San Juan National Forest.  This is the Colorado of your dreams. 


Sleep up to 48 people in 13 bed rooms with 20 beds, 4 pullout couches, 3 decks and 2 private fireplaces.

There are 10 condos available as well. You can host a group of 100 at Silverpick.

Getting Married? There are two ceremony sites to choose from. 

The Columbine Room is a 1200 sf multi purpose room for meals, meetings and parties. 

The Sow's Ear. Dinner,  libations and outrageous parties!



Breakfast Room

Steam Room, Sauna and Hot Tubs


Game Room 

TV Room 

Ski Shuttle

Swing Set

Down Comforters, feather beds and pillows on 20 beds and 4 sleeper sofas

There are 13 bedrooms  in the lodge all named after neighboring mountains and peaks. You can locate the rooms on the floor plan below. Sleeping arrangements are as follows:
Engineer Mountain: One queen bed, private bath
Mount Eolis: One queen bed, private bath
Grand Turk: Three queen beds, sleeper sofa, private bath
Greysill: One king bed, sleeper sofa, private bath
Grizzly Peak: Three queen beds, private bath
Hermosa Cliff: One king bed, private bath
Red Mountain: One queen bed, sleeper sofa, fireplace, private bath
Rolling Mountain: One queen bed, private bath
Sharkstooth: Two queen beds, private bath
Snowden Peak: One queen bed, private bath
Twilight Peak: One queen bed, sleeper sofa, private bath
Wetterhorn Peak: Two queen beds, private bath
Whitehead: Two queen beds, private bath

Floor Plan

Floor Plan for The Black Diamond Lodge




ALCOHOL: Is legal for persons over the age of 21 in Colorado. You may purchase alcohol elsewhere and drink it anywhere in the Lodge except for the restaurant. You must purchase alcohol in the restaurant to consume it there.

ARBOR (PERGOLA): The Pergola in the Park is 8 feet wide, 7 feet tall and 3.5 feet deep. You may decorate it however you want.

BAGELS AND COFFEE: Are provided in the Break Room. There is no need to add water to the coffee machine in the Break Room. Just fill the filter with an appropriate amount of grounds and press the start button.

Engineer Mountain: One queen bed, private bath
Mount Eolis: One queen bed, private bath
Grand Turk: Three queen beds, sleeper sofa, private bath
Greysill: One king bed, sleeper sofa, private bath
Grizzly Peak: Three queen beds, private bath
Hermosa Cliff: One king bed, private bath
Red Mountain: One queen bed, sleeper sofa, fireplace, private bath
Rolling Mountain: One queen bed, private bath
Sharkstooth: Two queen beds, private bath
Snowden Peak: One queen bed, private bath
Twilight Peak: One queen bed, sleeper sofa, private bath
Wetterhorn Peak: Two queen beds, private bath
Whitehead: Two queen beds, private bath

BUSINESS SERVICES:  A copy machine is available @ $.10 a copy. Just ask at the Front Desk if you would like to print a boarding pass or other document. There is high-speed wireless Internet throughout the lodge.

CLEANING SUPPLIES: Are provided for the Columbine Room and Break Room. If you can't find what you need just ask at the front desk.

CEREMONY SITE FEE: None in the Park, $1,000 in the Meadow.

LOBBY: You may stage parties in the lobby, hold ceremonies or just hang out and gab by the fireplace. 

CHAIRS: We provide, set up and break down up to 120 white chairs in the Park for wedding ceremonies. The Meadow comes equipped with benches. 

CHARCOAL GRILLS: We've got 2 of 'em, 2 feet by 5 feet long. Buy Match Light charcoal or be prepared to wait forever for it to light at altitude.

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT: Check in is is officially between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. However, if no one has rented the Lodge the previous night, you may check in at noon. Official Check Out is at 10 am. However, is no one is checking in the day you leave you may stay till noon.  We will do everything possible to allow access to the Columbine Room at the earliest possible opportunity on the day of check in. 

CHIPMUNKS: We like to keep the lobby doors open. Chipmunks like to come inside. You may chase them back out if you wish.

CLEANING FEE: We clean all sleeping rooms but please leave the public areas as you find them.  Leave it like you found it and there is no cleaning fee when you Rent the Lodge.  Dishes must be washed and floors swept in the Columbine Room. We offer an optional cleaning service for $1000 if you wish to party and run.

CONDO RENTAL: When you Rent the Lodge, you and your guests may rent condos for 10% off. If they rent it online, which is the easiest and more preferable, the discount will be applied at check in.

COLUMBINE ROOM: See a list of pots, pans, tables chairs, etc. below.

CRIBS: We have Pac 'n Plays available. Please call to reserve one.

DAMAGES: The Lodge is inspected prior to use by the housekeeping staff. Please report any damages you note upon arrival. Any damages reported by housekeeping will be repaired and charged to your credit card in the amount of the damage repair or item replacement plus labor plus the cost of time spent administrating the repair or replacement rounded up to the nearest $100.

DEPOSIT: 50% of full payment & tax is due at the time of booking. Ask if you want to make other arrangements. 
Full Payment: Due at check in. Any amount your guests pay at check in will be deducted from the total amount due.
CANCELATIONS: Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel at any time.  If we are able to rent the canceled dates we will refund whatever portion of the deposit we are able to collect from the new rental. 


EXTRA NIGHTS:  When you Rent the Lodge you may rent up to 3 rooms the prior or proceeding night at a discounted rate. Call for details. 

FIRE ALARM: If the Fire Alarm sounds in your room do not attempt to turn it off! We will turn off the alarm and call to check on you. If the smoke is due to cooking or the fireplace, open the doors and windows to aid in smoke dispersal.

FIRE PIT: We provide firewood. You provide common sense. Be safe and have a good time!

FIREWOOD: For the lobby and break room are stored on the porch south of the entrance. You may build a fire anytime you want. Be sure the flu is open (pulled towards you) before lighting fires.

FIRE LANES: Please park in designated parking places only. Do not park alongside roads or immediately in front of the Lodge. These are designated fire lanes and you will be towed.

FRONT DESK: Is open randomly throughout the day but someone will be there daily between 4 pm and 6pm or until all the guests have checked in, whichever comes first. You can contact me from 8 am till 6pm at 800-295-4820. You may call me on the same number after hours if you have an emergency and need help.

GAME ROOM: Free pool, ping pong, shuffle board and foos ball tables are located on the first floor of the Lodge. 

GUEST LIST: When you Rent the Lodge we will send you a spreadsheet that lists all the rooms and the number of available sleepers in each. Please fill it out and email it back to the Lodge as soon as you determine which rooms your guests will be staying in. This helps eliminate confusion between guests who are staying in the Lodge and those staying in condos.

HOT TUBS: Are open all day and all night long exceept for the time needed to check and clean them daily. 

HOUSEKEEPING: Trash is removed daily. You may help yourself to the extra towels, soaps, tissue and toilet paper in the cabinet by the front desk at anytime. There are also towels in the spa.

ICE MACHINE: Is located in the basement of the Lodge. If you need lots of ice to fill a cooler ask up in the restaurant and they will help you out.

INTERNET: The wireless internet is open to all guests free of charge. 

IRON AND IRONING BOARD: Are located in each room and in the laundry.

KEYS: When you arrive there will be a key in the doorknob of each Lodge room. Guests may pick up one additional key if they can catch someone at the Front Desk.  The group leader will be given the Keys to the Kingdom which open all the guest room doors so you can let your guests back into their rooms when they lock themselves out. Please don’t lose your keys. If you do lose your keys you will be charged $50.00 per key. Please don't loose your keys.

LAUNDRY FACILITIES: A coin-op laundry is located in the basement of the Lodge.  Tide & Bounce are available for $1 at the Front Desk.

LIBRARY: You may borrow any of the books in the Lodge bookcases to read during your stay. If you haven’t finished before you leave and want to take one with you that’s ok too.

LIGHTS: Please turn off the lights in the public areas (lobby, break room. bathrooms, spa, game room and Columbine Room) when you go to bed just as you would at home.

MOVIE SCREEN: We have a large screen and a projector. Ask about them at the Front Desk.

MARIJUANA: Is legal in Colorado but all smoking is prohibited in the Lodge rooms. Please toke outside!

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: of the COLUMBINE ROOM is 95 for tables and chairs and 202 for chairs only. 

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: of the SOWS EAR is 144 for tables and chairs.

OUTSIDERS: When you Rent the Lodge, you have exclusive use of the lodge rooms, spa, game room and Columbine Room. The Sow's Ear is to the public for dinner unless you rent it for your group. There will also be a few people from the condos coming in to register at the front desk. Occasionally someone will come over from the condos to the break room for coffee in the morning as we are generous with our coffee. Sometimes children from the condos will see children staying in the lodge and want to play with them or a child may wander down from the restaurant to the game room. Feel free to kick them out!  Most of the time you will see no one who is not a member of your party.

 PETS ARE ALLOWED WITH APPROVAL: Please call us to talk about bringing your pet!  Who doesn't love dogs?  All dogs with doggie beds will be approved. Please bring a doggie bed with you. 

PICNIC AREA: There are picnic tables, grills and a swing set, located in the park behind the woodshed, south of the Lodge parking lot. You can use the park as you like for picnics and games, etc.  The park closes at 9 pm so all music must cease, the park must be cleaned and all guest must be out by 9 pm.

PILLOWS: If you prefer foam pillows please ask for them at the front desk.

PLAYGROUND: There is a swing set in the Park. And a hill to slide on in the winter. 

QUIET TIME: What!!! You rented the lodge, party till dawn.  However, you must not keep the neighbors in the condos awake. So late night parties, after 9pm, must be held indoors, or outside on the Columbine Patio. 

SITE FEE: There are no site fee for wedding ceremonies held in the Park at the Lodge, the Lobby or the Columbine Room. There is a $1,000 site fee to hold an event in our neighbors meadow just south of the Lodge. Sometimes there are horses pastured in the meadow who may mingle with your guests. 

SKI SHUTTLE: We run a shuttle to the ski area (a 5 minute ride) from 8 am until 5 pm daily. Just call for a drop off or pick up. 

SNOW SHOES & SLEDS: You may borrow shoes and sleds from the front desk. Please return them at the end of the day. You will be charged $50.00 for sleds and $200 for snowshoes not returned by 6pm.

SOW’S EAR: The restaurant is open to the public during the high seasons from 4 until 8pm five days a week from Wednesday thru Sunday.  Quiet time is 10 pm and the music is turned off at that time unless you've rented the restaurant as well, in which case, party on Garth!

SPEAKERS: We have a battery operated speaker for use in the Meadow and a set of two plug ins for the Park and Columbine Room. Both are Blue Tooth enabled. 

TELEPHONE: Bring your cell phones, there are no telephones in the lodge rooms. 

TRASH: Is removed from the public areas including the Columbine Room by the housekeeping staff daily.

WEDDING ASSISTANT: Let us help you out! The Silverpick Lodge offers you the opportunity to engage a personal on site wedding assistant to help you take your celebration to the next level.  The Wedding Assistant will help you up to 8 hours a day on the days you rent the lodge for $1,000. Please call for more details.

The Columbine Room is equipped with the following:

Dinner Ware
80 Plates
80 Forks
80 Spoons
80 Knives
80 Pint Glasses
80 Wine Glasses
80 Coffee Mugs

Cook Ware
2 Stew Pots
2 Large Sauce Pans
2 Medium Sauce Pans
2 Large Saute Pans
2 Medium Saute Pans
2 Griddles
2 Cake Pans (12x9x2)
2 Cookie Sheets
2 Muffin Pans
2 9" Rounds
2 Broiling Pans
1 Turkey Pan
1 Colander
1 Mixing Bowl Set
2 Big Salad Bowls
1 Utensil Set (Peelers, servers. Flippers, etc.)
1 Knife Set

1 Oversize Coffee Maker
1 Regular Coffee Maker
2 Toasters
2 Blenders
2 Dishwashers
1 Microwave
2 Ovens
2 Refrigerators
1 Kegorator

Audio/Visual Equipment
1 Movie Screen
1 Projector
2 Bluletooth enabled speakers with mike
1 Battery operated speaker with mike

20  36" Round x 30"High Tables
5    36" x 72" Rectangle x 30" High Tables
4    8 x 3 Fiberglass Foam Banquet Tables

100 Wooden Folding Chairs
120 Fiberglass Foam Banquet Chairs

2 Trash Cans, Broom, Mop