On Purgatory Mountain...

10/12/19 Mark and Mariah forever!

10/05/19 Reese and Lani forever!

09/28/19 Terrell and Lucy Forever!

9/22/19 Kayla and Tomas forever!

09/10/19 Sacred Sojourn forever!

09/07/19 Vince and Ally forever!

09/01/19 Kristi and Pat Forever!

08/02/19 Jeff and Debbie forever!

07/27/19 Brian and Elissa forever!

07/20/19 Kathy and Hunter forever!

07/16/19 Corey and Jeremy Forever!

07/13/19 David and Hillary forever!

06/22/19 Sean and Morgan Forever!

06/06/19 Max and Emily Forever!

05/25/19 Tevin and Karlley Forever!

05/11/19 Dave and Kristy Forever!

04/27/19 Kyle and Cassie Forever!

04/10/19 Joel and Jennifer Forever!

03/16/19 Matt and Demi Forever!

01/19/19 Meriel and Bradley Forever!