Our climate is considered ideal by almost everybody from somewhere else thanks to moderate temperatures and distinctly beautiful seasons. Snowfall in the mountains is typically great for skiing and averages 250 inches... that's 20 feet! Down in Durango, surrounded by desert and 3,000 feet lower, winters are mild and you will generally see bikers and joggers on the roadways all winter long. Nonetheless, you will need snow boots, winter jackets, hats and gloves. Leave the high heels at home.

In summer temperatures seldom climb above the high seventies up in the mountains. Spring and mid summer are characterized by afternoon showers which clear up at dinner time. Shorts and T shirts are the norm but bring a sweater or light jacket for the occasional cool night. Durango is very casual but "shirts and shoes" are required everywhere. Otherwise, a button down and slacks are considered formal dress and are appropriate for even the nicest restaurants and night on the town.

Fall brings the promise of "Indian Summer" and clear, dry, cool days - perfect for hiking or driving in the mountains to view the golden leaves of the aspen and the dark red and orange hues of the gamble oaks. Break out the sweaters and slacks.



Mean Monthly Temperature:


67.0 F

Mean Daily Maximum Temperature:


73.1 F

Mean Daily Minimum Temperature:


45.9 F