Maximum Flexibility. That’s what you’ll experience at the Silverpick Lodge when you craft the wedding of your dreams.  Will your guests pay for their own lodging or do you want to do it?  Will you host a family style wedding in the Columbine Room or will you let the chefs in the Sow’s Ear spoil you with the best banquet ever?  Will you throw a BBQ Welcome Dinner prepared by your Uncle Charlie or will you order in a Fajita Bar from Zia Taqueria?  Do you want to set up a bar in the Columbine Room and bring your own keg or do you want the restaurant to supply the liquor and tend bar?  We’ll talk over all the options with you and help you craft a weekend that fits your style.

We will customize a wedding package to match your dreams and fit your budget. Base price is $0 for DIY enthusiasts. What you spend depends on you.  We’ll work with you to craft the wedding of your dreams at a price you’re comfortable with. 

The Lodge

Your own private mansion in the mountains sleeps up to 48 guests.  The Lodge rents for $5500 to $7700 for two days and two nights (including tax) depending on the time of year.  Memorial Day through the 3rd weekend in October is high season and the rest of the year is low season. Extra days may be added for half price year ‘round.  The lodge sleeps 48 people in 13 rooms.  You can Rent the Lodge for two nights for as low as $92 per person low season and $138 per person high season.  

You will be responsible for the cost of renting the Lodge.  But most guests pay for their own lodging and when they do you’ll get a rebate and can get the entire venue FOR FREE.  It’s up to you to decide who’s going to pay and at what price.  You must make a deposit of half the total price when you book the lodge or take advantage of a payment plan we will customize for you.  We’ll collect the lodging fees from the guests at check in and return any excess to you.


Our onsite condos sleep up to 80 guests.  There are about 15 condominiums for rent at Silverpick.  When your guests rent condominiums through our web site they will receive a 10% discount at check in.  


The Sow’s Ear is the most beautiful reception site in Southwest Colorado.  It is elegant, intimate and with outstanding views of Aspen Groves and the Rocky Mountains.  It seats 80 to 100 guests comfortably and a very cozy 120.  There is additional seating for 30 people on the dance floor.  The Chef serves fully plated dinners in the Sow’s Ear and all venue, service and linen charges are included in the cost of the meal. Reception charges will be determined by your choice of food and liquor.

The Sow’s Ear is known for "The Best Steak on the Mountain" but the Chef will assist you in selecting a menu that reflects your special tastes and preferences.  Steak, lobster, taco bars, Persian feasts, salmon, elk, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, your own family recipes, you name it, we can do it!  The Chef will offer to schedule a tasting with you to review and discuss your menu choices.  Most chosen entree selections run from $23 to $30.  Check out the restaurant web site for suggestions at:

The price of liquor is a major variable in your reception costs.  At Silverpick you will have the option of hosting the entire bar (you pay), a cash bar (your guests pay), or any combination you choose.  The most popular option chosen is to host beer and wine and pay cash for mixed drinks. In high season there is a $5,000 minimum spend for a Sow’s Ear reception which you may apply to food, liquor, tax and gratuity.  In low season the minimum spend is $4,000.  

In addition there are other options for receptions available at the Silverpick.  Many couples choose to hold their reception in the Columbine Room on the first floor. The Columbine Room is adjacent the game room, TV room and patio and provides a unique and expansive reception space. The Columbine Room is an ideal choice if you wish to prepare your own feast or have the Sow’s Ear cater a buffet.  You may bring your own liquor into the Columbine Room and there is a kegerator if you’d like to bring along a keg.  

The Columbine Room is adjacent the game room, TV room and patio and provides a unique and expansive reception space. There is a full kitchen in the Columbine Room with appliances, kitchen ware and dinner ware for 80.  Oftentimes couples host parties for 120 to 150 in the Columbine Room and adjacent spaces.  

Most couples hold their Welcome Dinner in the Columbine Room on the night of their arrival.

Payment Plans

What works for you?  Getting married is the biggest life changing event you will ever have.  Naturally you want to celebrate with friends and family.  Let us help you make it a little easier. We’ll help coordinate payments with the Sow’s Ear as well.  Let us know how and when you’d like to pay and we’ll make it work.

Please call us anytime at 800-295-4820 to discuss your plans and schedule a property tour. 

There are no packages or specials at this time. Please try back soon.