Silverpick offers you maximum flexibility to help craft the wedding of your dreams... and your budget. We've built some sample packages for you below. Choose an option that best fits your budget and your style. These packages are based on 48 guests. Costs will vary depending on the length of your stay, the number of guests you invite, the time of year and the time of the week. Give us a call at 800-295-4820 and we'll help you work out the details. 

DIY or The Almost Free Wedding Package
When you invite guests to a destination wedding they generally expect to pay for thier lodging. Whatever your guests pay for thier lodging will be deducted from the amount you owe. We will send you a spreadsheet listing the rooms and how many guests can sleep in each. You assign your guests to whatever room you like and name the price they will pay. We will collect the money at check in and deduct it from what you owe. So the amount you end up paying to rent the lodge is up to you!

You also have the option of throwing your own party in the Columbine Room. BYOB and bring your own food! Again the amount you spend is up to you!!!

Pick 'n Choose Wedding Package Options
The Lodge
Sleeps up to 48 guests in 13 rooms with room for another 60 in our condos. Calculations below are for the lodge rental only. Overflow guests generally book condos directly themselves. People expect to pay for lodging at weddings. At Silverpick you get to set the room rate. The monies we collect from your guests at check in will be deducted from the amount you owe to rent the lodge. Here are some examples:
     a) $11000  three nights in high season, you pay for everything
     b) $ 3300   three nights in low season, you pay half, your guests pay half
     c) $ 0         two nights in low season, your guests pay for everything

Our onsite condos sleep up to 60 guests.  There are about 15 condominiums for rent at Silverpick. Most guests handle thier own reservations in the condominiums. When your guests rent a condo through our web site they will receive a 10% discount at check in.  
Welcome Dinner
When your guests travel from afar it is traditionnal to host a welcome dinner after the rehearsal.  Generally it is a casual meet and greet affair.  You have a few things to consider while planning.  Do you enjoy cooking and clean up or do you want to chill with your guests? The "Catering" Page has more details but below are some of your options:
     a) $ 200 - 500     You or your family sets up, cooks, serves and cleans up
     b) $ 1000-2000   You order in bbq or mexican, set up and clean up yourself
     c) $ 1500-3000   We cater a bbq or bufffet in the Cloumbine Room
     d) $ 4000-8000   You block off the Sow's Ear and we  do all the work

What's your style  We'll make it happen. All the options  for the Weclome Dinner are availalbe for your Reception

The Semi Inclusive Two Day Low Season Weekend Wedding Package

5,500.00 Rent the Lodge for two low season nights
1,500.00 Welcome Dinner Buffet in the Columbine Room
 4,000.00 Sow's Ear Reception
11,000.00 Total plus gratuities and taxes

The All Inclusive Three Day High Season Weekend Wedding Package
10,000.00 Rent the Lodge for three weekend nights from Memorial Day till the end of October
   1,500.00 Welcome Dinner Buffet in the Columbine Room
     500.00 Meadow Ceremony
   4,000.00 Sow's Ear Reception
   1,000.00 Flowers (estimate)
   1,000.00 DJ (estimate)
   2,000.00 Photographer (estimate)
   1,000.00 Wedding Assistant
21,000.00  Total plus gratuities and taxes

Payment Plans
What works for you?   Getting married is a life changing event.   Naturally you want to celebrate with friends and family.  Let us help you make it a little easier.  We’ll help coordinate payments with the Sow’s Ear as well.   Let us know how and when you’d like to pay and we’ll make it work.

Please call us anytime at 800-295-4820 to discuss your plans and schedule a property tour. 

There are no packages or specials at this time. Please try back soon.