Wedding Assistant

Relax....we can help! 

Silverpick  offers you the opportunity to engage a personal on site wedding assistant to help you take your celebration to the next level. He’ll be here to do all the things you don’t have time to do yourself.

*He will answer your questions, direct you where you need to go, find what you need and do what you ask.

*He’s a “Man with a Van” and will pick up or drop off folks at the airport, run errands to town or take a group of your guests on a tour of the Rocky Mountains or local brew pubs.

*He’ll greet your Vendors, direct them to where they need to go and to help them set up.

*He’ll help set up and clean up parties in the Columbine Room, on the Patio or in the Park.

*He’ll help you resolve unforeseen issues that might arise.

*He’ll point you to local resources to get what you want.

*He’ll remove trash.

*He’ll fetch ice and other necessities.

*He’ll light the grills and set up the fire pit and even grill up your steak.

*He’ll bartend or set up and serve a buffet.

*He’ll help assemble and disperse Guests Bags.

*He’ll pick up and return rented items.

*He will help you with anything he can while you are on site at the Silverpick Lodge.

Your Personal Wedding Assistant will make an initial contact with you by phone to discuss the scope of services. He’ll be here to great you when you arrive so you can discuss the details then or whenever convenient for you.

This is the best deal out there at $1000 for up to 8 hours a day during your stay. Call us anytime at 800-295-4820 with questions .