Ceremony Sites

You Have Choices!
There are  two outdoor and one indoor ceremony site to choose from at Silverpick. 

The Park
The Park is a small clearing in the aspens and blue spruce adjacent to the lodge that features a pergola on the south side. You may decorate the pergola however you like. We will set up the chairs shown below at no cost to you. Use of this site is included in the lodge rental. 

The Meadow
The Meadow is located a couple hundred yards south of the lodge on a neighbor's land. You may drive to it though most people don't. The views are spectacular. Only wooden benches are available for use at this site. There is a $1,000 upcharge to rent this venue.  

The Lobby
Or get married in the lobby.

Call us at 970-799-0908 anytime to schedule a site visit to see these wedding sites in person.