On Durango Mountain...

05/20/16. Wing. Sarah and Ella coloring at the front desk....there's a little more to a Silverpick Wedding that the I do's!

05/18/16. Wing. Fresh from karenskellyphoto.com, John and Lisa's ceremony.  

05/15/16. Wing. John and Lisa, morning after.  From the looks of his shirt the wedding night was a success!

05/14/16. Wing. Lisa and friend getting ready.

04/17/16. Wing. Another Silverpick success story (just kidding)! Here are Mark, Clara and Charlotte back for a visit five years after tying the knot on the mountain. 

04/16/16. Wing. Billiards, Siilverpick style. 

03/25/16. Happy Birthday Ann Kidder!  Lauren and Maid of Honor Larinda came by to make a plan to decorate the Columbine Room for Lauren and Alex's wedding this summer. Never too early to make plans. 

03/21/16. Wing. Dude's got it made.